Nature’s Pace is a website and a blog of Paul Hunt and Sylvia Morley. We recently returned from a 6 month once-in-a-lifetime travel trip of South America. Having talked about it for a long time we decided enough was enough. We took the plunge. After all, we both had passions for walking, nature, culture, gardening, and the outdoors. And we both aspired to do a long term tour.

We wanted to share our experiences with our friends and family. Also, we wanted to inspire other people to realise their dreams. Nature’s Pace is, in part, a journal of our travels and a collection of our experiences. It is also a compendium of information about travel, destinations, walking, nature and other topics. Hopefully this will make Nature’s Pace a useful resource to help you realise your aspirations.

If you have any questions or need further information about any aspects just get in touch by email or use the form on the Contact page or by commenting on posts in our blog. We will try and answer to the best of our capabilities and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

First of all , you have to overcome hurdles like “you can’t do that at your age?” or “where’s the money coming from?”. Also you have to fend off questions like “what about your family and jobs?”. It’s important to reassure yourself about safety, health and finding good accommodation and food. We didn’t have all the answers nor did we do everything right. However we were willing to learn from others and from our experiences. We had a quest to get off the treadmill of the commute/work routine. Our desire was to enjoy our time and to follow our passions.