About Nature’s Pace

Nature’s Pace was started as a website for walking and travel and a blog was added to share the experience of a 6-month travel trip to South America. Whenever I went for a walk, went travelling or reached a destination I was always contemplating nature and man’s interactions with it. So it seemed a good idea to give the website a central theme of nature.

The 6-month trip was a big motivation to give up trying to balance work and life and to take the plunge to pursue a passion for travel, walking, nature, culture and the outdoors. It was a chance to tackle a long-held aspiration to do a long-term tour, even though I had passed the 60 mark.

One aim of Nature’s Pace is to inspire you to realise your aspirations and dreams. Nature’s Pace is, in part, a journal of my travels and a collection of experiences. It is also a compendium of information about travel, destinations, walking, nature and this will make Nature’s Pace a useful resource for you. Why not sign up to receive my newsletter and learn when new information is contributed and new blog posts are added.

I imagine you will want to know how to overcome hurdles like “you can’t do that at your age?” or “where’s the money coming from?” Or “Am I healthy enough to do it”. It’s important to reassure yourself about safety, health and finding good accommodation and food. I didn’t have all the answers nor did I do everything right. However, a willingness to learn from others and from the experience came in handy. I hear from many people that they want to get off the treadmill of the commute/work routine and to get more freedom into their lives.

If you have any questions or need further information about any aspects just get in touch or comment on blog posts. We will try and answer to the best of our capabilities and encourage you to enjoy your time following your passions.