Cookies Policy

We use cookies,as do most modern websites, to give you the best user experience and to help us improve our website and services. A cookie is a small data file that is placed on your computer, or other device you use for browsing our website. Cookies cannot be used by themselves to identify you, do not deliver viruses or give us access to your computer.

Cookies are used for different purposes, namely to monitor the performance of our website including which elements you find useful and which links you click on.

You can choose to stop cookies being stored on your computer or to delete them. To do this you need to modify your browser settings.

Some typical situations where we use cookies:-

1. Ads and Affiliates

Through-out website and blog there are many links to enable you to find out further information about topics, destinations and organisations or products and services. Some of these links are to advertisers and affiliates which pay a small commission to us when someone buys something. And a cookie is used to track clicking the link.

We are not responsible for those websites or their privacy practices. It’s likely that you may provide personal information to them, for instance in order to join organisations or buy products; therefore we encourage you to make yourself aware of their privacy and cookie policies.

2. Analytics

We use analytics partners (like Google Analytics) to help us monitor the way website is used and how it can be improved for you.




Natures-pace is developing it’s business and we may need to amend the policies from time to time. Therefore we encourage you to re-visit this page although we will publish changes via our newsletter if you have opted-in to receive it.

Please email us if you need any further information in respect of this policy.