Dawn Chorus Encouragement

Woken at 4.00 this morning by the Dawn Chorus, it was like Nature encouraging me to get up to start the day and to start afresh. Lots of thoughts started running through my head about ideas I’d been flirting with for some time like a big trip. And about things in the past and also about starting a blog.
That’s something I’ve done a lot of. No, not flirting, but dwelling on past experiences and these tended to hinder my aspirations for the future. But for once I managed to focus on the way forward. My thoughts turned to researching and planning the big trip, and, to attempting to capture it all in a blog.
Where do I want to go and visit; what do I want to experience and when to go. What needs packing, where to stay and will I be safe in countries that people perceive to be risky. Realising this line of thinking would take me down the route of starting to do a risk assessment (got to avoid slipping into work mode !) I re-focused on starting a blog. I may be jumping about a bit but it was early morning and my stomach was telling me it needed re-fuelling.A cuppa, a bowl of cereal and the increased volume of the dawn chorus helped me see clearer – morph Nature’s Pace website into a blog.
A blog about travels, experiences and ventures with Nature at the heart. A blog that I can share with family, friends and you.In addition to blogging about places, nature and people I’ll attempt to provide help and pointers for you to pursue your own aspirations.

So “Thank You” to the dawn chorus for waking me up ….

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