First Impressions of travel to Peru

Scenic plaza and birthplace of Lima with Lima Cathedral

After months of deliberating, planning and dreaming, we eventually flew out of Gatwick on 4th September 2016 for our extended travel trip to South America. Feeling smug that we had saved money by buying our flight tickets in BA’s sale our level of satisfaction increased with a smooth 12 hour flight. Shrugging off the uninteresting choice of in-flight movies and laughing at the standard of catering we applauded the skill of the pilot for a smooth touchdown after such a long journey.

Then the fun began. No sign of the taxi that I thought I’d asked the hotel to reserve and complete bedlam in the arrivals hall. “Oh the joy of D.I.Y. travel instead of using a tour operator” I thought to myself. After circulating the numerous ‘Meet and greet’ boards an official must have spotted

Bus in heavy traffic has to to stop on pedestrian crossing and the crowd of people rushing across
Traffic conditions and crossing roads in Lima,Peru follow different codes and behaviour to what we were used to.

us getting dizzy and took us to the official/registered taxi desk. Problem sorted and as we trundled with our baggage past all the unofficial taxis we formed our first impression that Peru wants to impress tourists.

I’d like to say that we were whisked off through Lima to our hotel but the reality was more like a scene from “Fast and Furious” only stopping when got caught in a snarl up near the entrance to a Food Festival on the sea front! But that didn’t deter our taxi driver and we soon learnt that changing lanes, cutting up other cars and not indicating, was the norm. Seriously though, whilst it appeared pandemonium on the roads there was no beeping, no two-fingered salutes and no road rage. Pretty calm people.

A warm friendly reception at the hotel, nice clean room,comfy bed and a Welcome drink of Pisco Sours completed our first impression of Peru and it’s people … friendly, want to give great experience and they just get on with things.

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