Travel Tip : Carry toilet paper

When walking out in the countryside there are some things that are worth taking with you. Toilet paper is one such item in case you get caught short and there are no toilets for miles. I always tried to remember to put some in my rucksack as a preferred item if space permitted.
The importance of this item was soon reinforced on our trip to South America. We found that it should be an essential item to take with you when you go travelling or walking. You might need to answer the call of nature in the countryside. Even in cities if you visit any public toilets or toilets in cafes . There is no guarantee that toilet paper will be available. The state and condition of the toilets is another matter perhaps for a later blog post.

Travel Tip
So always carry some toilet paper. Also for the sake of hygiene, and in case there is no running water, have some wet wipes or hand cleanser ready.

Person carrying large, very high load of toilet paper rolls; so high that the person is hidden behind them.
Not all public toilets or those at cafe’s etc have toilet paper. So when you go travelling it’s always worth carrying some.

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