There are various types and styles of travel that you may wish to consider if you want to go travelling. You will get chances to try some of them at different times in life. You will probably choose the types and style depending on the reason why you want to go travelling. Another important factor is your budget.
We have done much travelling of one sort or another. Now in reaching our senior years we wanted to make time for sight-seeing the World and to seek out authentic experiences. Our trip to South America was to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure; a combination of visits to tourist attractions, seeing wonders of the World, looking at Nature and meeting people to appreciate where, and how, they lived.

At Nature’s Pace, we will show you the characteristics of the destinations we visit and their natural assets, places of interest and local people. We will share with you the knowledge and information we’ve gleaned along the way. Our aim is to inspire you to go travelling to appreciate the connections with the world we live in. Above all, we’d encourage you to tune your senses to land, water, Nature and people.

To develop your travel aspirations you might first want to consider the different types and styles of travel.

Different Types of Travel

There is a wide range of types of travel that you may want to try. I appreciate though that you may not be able to try some of them, for instance, your holiday entitlement at work may restrict you. There are ways to be rid of such restrictions but that’s another story. Here are some basic types.

Day Trips

Who doesn’t enjoy an outing for the day? Whether it’s going into the countryside for a picnic, a visit to a historic property or off out for a days walk. There are many things that can make a journey worthwhile. Being brought up in land-locked Derbyshire we looked forward to a day at the seaside and would head to Skegness. Also, we enjoyed regular walks in the Peak District. I am sure these instilled a sense of travel and enthusiasm for broadening my walking skills and experiences. Reminds me of that saying “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” by Lao Tzu.

Weekend breaks

After the routine of working Monday to Friday, everyone looks forward to the weekend. Living in cities can heighten the need to get-away. You can look for cheap tickets and search for flights. Go out Friday evening and return Sunday, or early Monday at a push! Alternatively, search for an inclusive offer from a hotel to relax and pamper yourself. On the other hand, if you are the adventurous type there are many activities available that can be reached in a couple of hours thus making the most of your two days. My son lives in London and makes regular weekend escapes by going travelling.

Package Holidays

Have everything arranged for you and rely on the holiday company’s selection of accommodation, meal and excursions. Choosing a Package saves you the time and trouble of having to research where to go, stay and eat. There is a wide choice of destinations and you can balance chilling out by the pool with partying on the beach and going on excursions to get you out and about.

Multi-day tour or cruise

You might want to visit a cluster of places by land, sea or inland water. A cruise provides a way for you to achieve this over a number of days. You can, for example, go on a walking or cycling tour moving on consecutive days. Don’t fear; there will be some free days to re-charge your batteries. Or you can soak up a cruise to different ports of calls on the high-seas or along rivers. Canals and Inland Waters, like the Norfolk Broads or Lake Titicaca, offer more opportunities. Also, you will see the country from angles you wouldn’t otherwise get from the road.

Gap Year

Initially, these were when students took a year to go travelling after finishing their studies and before getting a job. But Gap Years can now be enjoyed mid-career and at any time in life. More and more companies are rewarding long-serving employees with an opportunity to take a career break. You can also create a gap year to do voluntary work if you feel you need to give something back to society and the world. There are plenty of organisations that have opportunities for you to volunteer and may provide help to get started.

Travel for an event

You can travel to an event such as the Olympics or Football Word Cup if you are passionate about seeing something on the world stage. Rare events such as total eclipses or annual events such as the great wildebeest migration are also good motives to travel. Affairs of the heart such as Wedding events have become popular. Couples invite family and guests to travel to their specially chosen place. With this type of travel, you can be sure that you will be amongst like-minded people with the common desire to enjoy the event. My daughter, a Wedding Photographer, often travels, even abroad, on commissions from happy couples.

Go Travelling for your hobby or special interest

If you are passionate about a hobby or special interest you can go travelling to immerse yourself in it for a week or two or even longer. A wide range of hobbies and special interests are catered for and a search on the web will probably throw up a list of holidays and tours where you can spend your time pursuing the activity you enjoy.

Business Travel

If you are lucky enough to have a job which involves having to travel you can often find time to see the local area. It’s not always easy to take advantage of a business trip. In my career, I managed a portfolio of property spread around the UK. On occasions, I managed to extend my time in an area and had a good look around. A friend of mine works on BA’s cabin crew and is often lucky enough to have time down-route to check out the quality of local real ale, look for music venues or go walking.

Once-in-a-lifetime adventure

This can be a combination of types and styles of travel. Different people have different reasons to go travelling. Many mature people decide to do it because they’ve realised life is too short. They are as comfortable as they are ever going to be with their financial and family responsibilities. So they’ve plucked up the courage to join the growing ranks of senior travellers.

Digital Nomads

Some people are so passionate about travel that they embark upon careers that they can perform in any destination in the world. They are dependant upon an internet connection and this is available in a massive choice of places that they can go travelling globally.

Working or volunteering abroad

You can always find a job abroad especially if you need to fund a long-term travel trip. There are different avenues to finding work abroad and you should always check the visa requirements of each country. Volunteering can be a way of helping you to visit and get to know a country. Some projects provide accommodation and food in exchange for your skills, knowledge or graft. There are specialist organisations around which offer volunteering opportunities.


Styles to go travelling

Your budget often determines the standard of transport you can take and the level of accommodation you can stay in. You may require of high degree of independence or, on the other hand, you may wish to travel with people who have the same aspirations as you; in which case you may prefer certain styles to others.
The first three speak for themselves…


Indulge yourself.


Be comfortable and obtain value for money.


Make the money go along way.


Low-cost, independent, looking for cheapest accommodation and food; and involves carrying a fully loaded backpack over long distances for long periods of time. (Unless you invest in one with wheels like I did!)


You might prefer to travel on your own for independence and total freedom or for a life-changing experience or for self-development purposes. Very often you see solo travel recommended as something you should do at least once in your life. However, it does bring with it a different set of considerations about costs (e.g. single-room supplements), risk and safety. Once you start travelling solo, however, it’s not long before you meet other solos or join a tour where you’ll find other birds of a feather in the group.


This usually means when a group of people decide to go travelling together for the same reason. It can also have a wider meaning when say family, friends or a social club might do just one component of a trip together. They may have journeyed from different homes but they come together for an overnight stay. Their rendezvous will be a big party house, large hotel or bunk barn. Then they might book their numbers on an adventure tour or participate in an activity provided by one of many specialised operators.
The buying power of numbers say, 10 people, can bring benefits like discounted prices. Also, groups are comprised of folk with like-minds although sometimes some people’s attitudes and characters can bring conflict.

Family and Friends

You may have family and friends living in different places to you. This will give you an opportunity to see their local area when you visit them. It’s almost a tradition for the hosts to play “tour guide”. Sometimes it can be an excuse for hosts to try somewhere new on their own patch. I recently had a reunion with an old friend and staying with him meant we could have a long-overdue catch-up and also visit nearby nature reserves.


Whatever your type and style we hope you have fun shaping your travels. Drop us an email or use the form on the Contact page if you want some help with information or would like to know some useful resources. Or sign-up to our mailing list using the form in the side panel to receive our occasional newsletter.